Practice determining whether a precipitate forms:

For each of the following problems,

            a)  determine whether a precipitate forms when solutions of reactants are mixed,

            b)  give the name and formula of any precipitate formed, and

            c)  write a net ionic equation for the formation of the precipitate.

      1. KCl and Na3PO4
      2. Ca(NO3)2 and MgSO4
      3. FeCl3 and LiOH
      4. CuSO4 and (NH4)3PO4
      5. sodium nitrate and calcium chloride
      6. sodium sulfate and barium nitrate
      7. zinc nitrate and potassium sulfate
      8. lead(II) nitrate and sodium carbonate
      9. potassium phosphate and cobalt(II) chloride
      10. copper(I) nitrate and magnesium chloride